Outlook Festival 2019

Outlook Festival brings together the biggest names from the most vibrant and cutting edge dance scenes around. During four days at the end of summer, the festival is set in an abandoned fort perched above the Adriatic sea, next to a beach right near Pula, Croatia. Outlook started in 2008 and has since evolved into the worlds’ most forward thinking ‘bass-centric’ music festival. With a focus on sound quality and high-octane music, the event represents an up to date version of Sound System music, drawing it’s inspiration from Kingston, New York & London following how the sounds have evolved and changed the world. Now approaching its tenth year, Outlook has grown rapidly and is going from strength to strength. Anyone who has come to any of the last nine Outlooks will tell you how amazing the vibe was, how wicked the music was, how beautiful the smiling people were and how stunning the setting is.

THE OUTLOOK LAUNCH PARTY TOUR. The Outlook launch party tour has developed into a series of branded events running throughout the world all leading to the event in August in Pula, Croatia. The Outlook launch party tour has several purposes; the first and most obvious is promotion for the festival itself. This is achieved through physical promotion and branding of launch parties themselves for online activity and the launch event.


2016 - 96 launch parties across 33 countries 


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